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İsmail Acar celebrates ‘the five senses’ journey of discovery at 12th İstanbul Biennial


(10 October 2011)

“You don’t need eyes to see art” says famous Turkish painter İsmail Acar. That’s why his new exhibiton offers artistic journey of discovery for sightless people as well. ‘’The Five Senses: Red Room White Room’’ which it takes place within the scope of 12th İstanbul Biennial, opened at the Golden Horn Projects on Octeber 1st and will run through Nov. 27th.

The Exhibition’s creator, İsmail Acar, who is a leading Turkish artist in painting, has been known with works on themes such as history, particularly that of Istanbul, and the meeting of Western ideas with Eastern spirituality.

Acar, on this first-of-its- kind exhibit, designed ‘’Red Room’’ and ‘’White Room’’ to immerse guests using as many sensory experiences as possible. The Exhibition enchants visitors using sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.

The ‘White Room’ represents ‘transcendent’ or ‘beyond’ world while ‘Red Room’ represents ‘immanence world’. When guests entering one of these rooms, they could taste special produced chocolates to taste themes, or could smell special fragrance to feel paint. İt’s possible to touch Braille texts, with printed and relief drawings to know better or hear from special video presentations to listen about exhibit of art.

Special fragrances which is called ‘’Ebediyete davet (The Invitation to Eternity), is produced by Gülçiçek. And special flavors which is called “Hayat Enerjisi (The Energy of Life)’’ produced by Pelit Pastaneleri.


İsmail Acar ( Painter- Art Director) 

Hülya Aksular (Ballet Dancer -TC Ministry of Culture Artist)

Burçin Büke (Concert Pianist, Composer- TC Ministry of Culture Artist)

Kürşat Başar (Writer)

Serdar Bişiren (Rhytm Artist-TC Ministry of Culture Artistist)

Bülent Özbek (TC Ministry of Culture Artist)

Muharrem Burak Ecevit (Whirling Dervish -TC Ministry of Culture Artist)

Fragrance Company : GÜLÇİÇEK

Flavor Company: PELİT

Adress: Lüleci Hendek Caddesi, No: 48/A, 50/A Galata, İstanbul 34425