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Nuclear talks with Iran begin in İstanbul

Diplomats from Iran and six global powers will gather this weekend in Turkey to determine whether a compromise on Iran’s nuclear program can be reached. The outcome of the meeting could have broad impact on world oil markets, the global economy and the likelihood of another explosive military conflict in the Middle East.

“The greatest achievement would come out from this meeting would be the continuation of the talks,” a Turkish diplomat, who wanted to remain anynoumous due to the sensitivity of the issue, said.

According to Today’s Zaman, he said Turkey doesn’t expect a miracle to happen and the sides will negotiate about all their problems. He added that there will certainly be other round of talks and the most important thing is to make sure that the talks between the sides continue,” the diplomat said.

“Turkey is not in the negotiating room, but we are ready to involve if the sides cannot negotiate,” the same official added.

The İstanbul talks on Saturday are the first between P5+1 and Iran in the last 14 months.