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Apple to Announce iPhone 5 on October 4

According to new reports, the iPhone 5 will be revealed by Apple in less than two weeks, October 4 is the date set for Apple’s next media event, reports AllThingsD.
Following the October 4 event, the phone would be available “within a few weeks,” according to AllThingsD, but given how late in the year it’s launching, it could be even sooner. Fortune notes how much quicker the company has been to get new models of the iPhone and iPad out after announcing them in recent years; the original iPhone was announced 201 days before launch, whereas we only had to wait 11 and 17 days for the 3GS and 4, respectively. The iPad, similarly, had a 66-day gap between its announcement and release compared with just a 9-day wait for the iPad 2 earlier this year.