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Chavez in hospital for emergency care: report

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has been fighting cancer, was rushed to a military hospital for emergency care following kidney failure, according to Miami newspaper. El Nuevo Herald reports that Chavez has been taken to the emergency room. “When he arrived, he was extremely sick and as a result they had to take him to the emergency room,” a source said in Spanish.
Hugo Chavez on Thursday denied rumors of a setback in his health, saying he is at work and expects to finish with cancer treatments soon. He finished a fourth round of chemotherapy in Cuba last week and says he is done with those treatments. “I’m going to completely get out of this soon,” Chavez said.

According to El Nuevo Herald, former ambassador Noriega said in Spanish, “We must begin to think of — and should begin to prepare ourselves for — a world without Hugo Chavez.”