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Texas mom’s gift package to Turkish earthquake surviver baby, delivered without an adress

A gift package was sent from Texas state of the United States for baby girl Azra who survived the massive earthquake that hit Turkey’s eastern Van province in October. Wealters Cooper from Greenville-Texas, who learned the news from “The Dallas Morning News” newspaper, posted a gift box including clothes for the baby and The Dallas Morning News that she read the news about earthquake and Azra baby. Cooper wrote “Baby Azra Karaduman/Earthquake Rescue Baby/Eastern Province Turkey” on the box as she does not know the address. Yet the package recieved in Van and then send to the Sivas where Azra is currently living in. Azra’s family were both surprised and moved with the package sent by Cooper.

Then 14-day-old Azra had been rescued after she stayed under the debris for two days following the earthquake measuring 7.2 on Richter’s scale in Van.

Cooper also sent a card expressing her feelings about the rescue of Azra as well as her good wishes.

More than 600 were killed, while 222 were rescued in the massive earthquake that hit Van on October 23, 2011. The number of citizens, who were killed in the second earthquake that hit Van on November 9, 2011, was 40, while 30 citizens were rescued alive. First earthquake was measuring 7.2 on Richter’s scale, and the second one was measuring 5.6.