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Libyans protesting in Benghazi: Images You Won’t See in the Media

Based on what has currently been reported, it seems that a group of extremist Christians produced and distributed a hateful film insulting Islam, Muslims, and the Prophet Muhammad to further their own agenda, and then made up a fictional Jewish person to blame for their actions.  Muslim religious extremists drew attention to the film to further their own agenda.  Extremist Christians promoted the film and held a “trial of Prophet Muhammad” event to gain publicity for themselves.  Egyptian political extremists used the film to stir up the masses to promote their political agenda.  The extremist political organization Al Qaeda used the film as an excuse for their attack on the Embassy, and as further “proof” of their propaganda effort to say that the U.S. is at war with all Muslims to gain support for their cause.

A Libyan site posted a series of images of ordinary citizens protesting the murder of Ambassador Stevens and his staff, and the attack on the Embassy.























Source: American Muslim