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Kansas birther was planning a citizen’s arrest of President Barack Obama

A Kansas birther, who publicly announced that he was planning a citizen’s arrest of President Barack Obama, was told by the Secret Service that he would be arrested if he came near the president.

Neil Jednoralski claimed that he contacted Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Saline County Sheriff’s Office to ask for their help in arresting the president for illegally holding office as a foreign citizen, according to KSAL.

Jednoralski said that a Secret Service agent visited him at his home Monday and confiscated a pair of “high-security handcuffs” that he had planned to use on Obama. The agent also took four guns into custody.

“I was going to arrest him and drive him Topeka and turn him over to the state attorney general,” Jednoralski told the Salina Journal.

“If he comes to Kansas again, I’ll try again. I’ll put it out that I am going to make that attempt.”

Watch this video from Salina Journal